Winning Retrenchment & Retirement Strategies

Build a brand reputation with MEGACAP’S effective retrenchment strategy by demonstrating your company’s ability to protect her employees even when retrenching.

When managing staff retrenchment, it can be challenging to demonstrate your organizations values and commitment to her employees. At MEGACAP we support you by giving your employees a soft landing after employment.

HOW? We will offer pre-retrenchment counseling and guide your outgoing employees to set up sustainable, market driven and profitable businesses and advice on how to efficiently manage their finances. WHY? To protect their future. We want your employees to seamlessly transition into post employment life. Enhancing their ability to earn an income after retrenchment will guarantee you:

  • Brand recognition as a humane employer. Retrenchment can greatly damage your reputation. However if handled professionally and humanely, you can distinguish yourself and build a brand that your stakeholders can rally behind even during tough times. People are loyal to brands.
  • Brand good will: the experience of your outgoing employees will greatly affect those still employed. If they are to do more with less, they will require motivation or else they will be looking to jump ship. Make the experience as drama free as possible and you will generate good will and the support from your staff.
  • Brand ambassadors: if your employees feel taken care of, they will continue to sing your organization’s praises long after employment. The potential for word of mouth referrals is tremendous
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